That Time I Wished I Was Dead

January 18, 2018

Because of the cold weather, nothing much is going on in my Crazy Single Life, so this particular snippet is about something that happened to me in my past.


Everyone who knows anything about me, knows I've had the same best friend since 1985.  We used to refer to ourselves as Gail and Oprah...but I think we both secretly wanted to be Oprah.. HA!  So as teenage girls, we would spend every weekend either at her house or my house.  When I stayed at her house, I would often catch the bus from her house on Monday morning for school.  This one particular weekend, Paula was doing laundry, and she so kindly washed one of my outfits so I would have it to wear to school on Monday.


Monday morning came, I got up, got dressed, and we both went off to school. I didn't notice anything strange right away, but for some reason, when I got to school, my entire body began to itch.  This was not a normal itching...this was a torturous skin burning itching.  Every step I took brought tears to my eyes.  We didn't have a lot of classes together, so I didn't see her right away, but in between one of our class changes I saw her and asked her what did she use to wash my outfit.  She said, "nothing, but I washed it with the curtains in my bedroom".  Y'ALL!!!! These were the old heavy curtains with a thick lining and probably made with asbestos!!! At least that's what it felt like!  When she told me that, the tears really began to flow because I knew I would suffer the entire rest of the day with asbestos on my skin!


So needless to say, the lesson here today is....DON'T WASH YOUR CLOTHES WITH CURTAINS!

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